Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
The Thriftmaster - July 17, 2004

On Saturday July 17th, our family was entertaining our friend Leonora - a friend of the family's from San Diego who came up for the weekend to visit. She has been a friend of my wife's family for over 25 years. So, although I didn't have a lot of time to devote to the truck, I was able to spend a few hours early in the morning to do my regular rounds. As usual, I started by first driving over to Auto Tek. When I arrived, I met with Tom, John and Steve. After saying hi, John left to continue working on another customer's car. Tom told me Steve had my engine already on the stand and he was just getting started on its teardown. Below, are a couple of pictures of how the engine looked so far.

Although I really wanted to stay and watch Steve teardown this motor, I knew I had to leave so, with that I said goodbye for now and advised him I might stop back by later in the afternoon to see what his work might reveal. I stopped over at the office to let Tom know I was headed over to The Truck and Car Shop to get some parts for Larry over at Cerny's Auto Painting. I also let Tom know that during the week, I took Cerny's a pair of unpolished stainless steel angle strips for the truck's bed I ordered from Mar-K Quality Parts located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Tom let me know that he had received the replacement radiator and gas tank. The radiator was a new aftermarket reproduction unit and the gas tank was a used tank from another old 1955-59 Chevy truck. I said so long to Tom after that and headed down the street to get my parts.

When I arrived at The Truck and Car Shop I bought a pair of interior door panels and a jack stowage decal for the truck. Pictures of these items are posted below. Here is also a picture of the tailgate I bought there two weeks ago. It is already over at Cerny's waiting for primer and paint.

While at The Truck and Car Shop I also bought a air cleaner decal and a valve cover decal for the great old dependable 235 six cylinder Thriftmaster engine that Steve at Auto Tek is working so hard on to bring back to life. Since these items of classic detail are available, I plan on buying as many of the appropriate decals for my truck as I can. Here two pictures of these cool little items as well.

When I was done delivering the parts to Cerny's I headed home to spend time with the family and our guest. At around 4:00 pm., I snuck away from the family festivities and drove over Auto Tek to see what Steve encountered while tearing down the engine. Steve gave me an update on the engine. He told me that he was very happy with the overall condition of the motor from first glance. He needed to check over a few things but so far, there were no major issues. Here is a picture of what the motor looks like at this point.

On the previous Saturday - July 10, 2004, I made a trip out to Brothers Classic Truck Parts in Corona, CA to pick up a set of tailgate chains and chain covers. Below, are a couple of pictures of both.

That is about all for this report. It was very nice spending time with Leonora and partaking in all of the great Italian food she cooked while she stayed with us. We will have leftovers for a very long time!

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