Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
The Sound of Music - March 28, 2004

Also during this past week, on Friday, March 26, 2004, we received a nice package we were waiting for from Jeff McCoy's folks at Bowtie Bits Antique Truck Parts in Wichita, Kansas. It was an original factory AM radio for a 1955-59 Chevrolet truck that they were advertising on eBay. The radio has been completly restored and is the correct stock factory option AM radio for this truck.

Along with the radio, I also found an original metal speaker cover that protects the factory radio speaker mounted between the sun visors on the inside of the cab roof. We bought the speaker cover from a nice gentleman from Middelton, Idaho - also selling his old car parts on eBay. The cover will be painted Beige the same color as the roof interior color and will add a nice vintage touch to the truck.

A new replacement OEM style speaker was purchased from Brothers Classic Truck Parts in Corona, CA to go inside the metal cover as the original one was worn out. A OEM style antenna was purchased at The Truck and Car Shop in Orange, CA and will be mounted on the right fender in the exact place the factory antenna would have been installed.

Here is a picture of the radio along with pictures of each of the accessory items we also purchased for the sound system.

This system will complement the stock appearance we are seeking to maintain even though we will have limited sound quality by only being an AM radio and no tape deck or CD player. However, since most of our time in the truck will be local drives on the weekends either around town or to and from area auto shows, we feel it's an acceptable tradeoff and don't expect to miss a real sound system all that much. At least not until KHJ returns to Boss Radio, but that's another story.

The next update should include detail on getting the truck ready to send the frame out for powder coating, the status of the condition of the engine and transmission and possibly some information on the paint project.





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