Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Rustoleum and the Sandbox - March 27, 2004

On Saturday, March 27, 2004, I visited Auto Tek in Orange, CA the folks serving as the project manager for the restoration of my truck. The truck has had a lot of work done to it already. Auto Tek received the truck on Saturday, March 06, 2004. Since then, they have taken the motor and transmission out, stripped the interior and removed all of the glass and bedwood from the truck.

After that, the truck was sent to Cerny's Auto Painting (also in Orange, CA) where it was sand blasted, treated with a rust inhibitor and sprayed with a gray protective coating to prevent any further surface rust. The truck was then towed back Auto Tek.

Next, Auto Tek will remove the body from the frame and send the frame out for powder coating. The cab and truck bed bodies will be sent back to Cerny's Auto Painting for sanding and painting. While Cerny's works on the paint project, Auto Tek will keep working on rebuilding the 235 6-cylinder and munci 3-speed transmission.

Below, you will see the truck as it looks right now.

Click on the "Next" link below to learn about the cool sound system that will be installed in the truck. Talk radio might benefit from this original setup!





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