Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
The Receiving Dock - September 11, 2004

While last weekend was a nice change of pace, old cars and trucks were not completely forgotten during the three-day holiday weekend. Sabrina, Peg. and I spent last Saturday afternoon at the Orange County Cruisin' Association’s 22nd annual “Great Labor Day Car Cruise” held at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa, CA. We enjoyed seeing all of the nice cars and trucks at the show.

The Auto Tek gang was out at the show in full force. Tom, John and Steve were all there. The display they set up included about 15 of their customer’s vehicles. It was a very impressive display indeed. I asked the guys where was the spot for my truck. They all assured me they had a spot waiting for my truck under a nice shade tree. Given the fact it was a very warm day, that sounded like a good deal to me. Larry Cerny, owner of Cerny's Auto Painting also had a few of his customer’s cars and trucks on display. Overall, it appeared that there were about 2000 cars and trucks showing their stuff at the show and by all accounts it was another successful year. I am looking forward to participating in this show next year.

The past few days have brought a flurry of activity of at the old Karras shipping and receiving dock here in Orange, CA. More packages containing truck parts from parts houses located all over the country have been checked in these past few days. A few pictures of some of the items we received are pictured below.

The bed strips, bed wood bolt kit and exhaust heat shield pictured above arrived from MAR-K Quality Parts located in Oklahoma City, OK. Also, we received the complete lock kit pictured above from Double D's Custom Trucks and Rods located in Clovis, CA. In addition, we received a pair of black dash knobs from Jim Carter's Classic Truck Parts located in Independence MO. These two "black" knobs are hard to find parts and will be used on our windshield wiper and headlight switches. While other parts houses carry these knobs in chrome, Jim Carter's is one of the few that still carries them in black. Once again, Jim Carter's really caters to folks desiring to keep their trucks in original condition and this is just one more example of how they offer a full-line of such parts. While I was very happy to receive all of the parts that we did, those black knobs were a definite highlight of the whole lot.

This afternoon, Sabrina, Peg. and I stopped by Auto Tek after a nice breakfast at Hof’s Hut to check in with the guys and see how they enjoyed the car show. The wheels were back from The Wheel Smith and Cerny's already had them painted and they were back on the truck’s frame. They looked really great. It doesn’t even look as though they have been modified. With the hubcaps on, I believe most folks won’t have any idea that the truck is equipped with disc brakes or that the rims were remanufactured to accommodate the upgraded brakes.

After checking out the rims and talking to Tom, John and Steve about the car show, we left and headed over to Cerny's. Larry greeted Sabrina and I. We reviewed the status of the parts that we received and what was still in transit. I let Larry know that the paint from Jim Carter's Classic Truck Parts was shipped on Friday and should arrive towards the end of next week. He said that was perfect as he is just about ready to paint the interior. We also got to take a look at the bumpers. They were both straightened and prepped and are ready to go to Burlington Engineering in Anaheim, CA to be acid dipped so they will be ready for primer and paint. With that, we said goodbye and let Larry get back to his work.

With the Labor Day Cruse behind them, Auto Tek and Cerny's Auto Painting are resuming the fantastic restoration job they are performing on my old Chevy truck. As soon as the paint arrives from Jim Carter's Cerny's will get started on painting the interior parts being painted the original silver-beige color Chevrolet named Comanche Gold Metallic and along with the bumpers, they will paint the other exterior parts being painted Bombay Ivory such as the front grille, headlight bezels and the hubcaps. Also, Steve at Auto Tek might even be able to spend some time working on what I hear is now a super clean Stovebolt engine block!

Finally, as a member of the emergency medical services community and as an American, I just want to take a moment to observe the fact that today marks the 3rd anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Our prayers go out to the survivors of each of the victims of this unprovoked attack on our nation. Let each of us never forget!

To check out the shiny new interior paint job and the bed wood and side stake assemblies, click on the next button below!





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