Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Ready to Roll - August 6, 2005

With summer in full swing, the morning temperature was already warm. There was a good chance that the mercury will raise above 100 degrees on this hot August day. We decided it was a good idea to head over to Auto Tek before it gets to warm and see the latest work on our truck.

The truck was waiting for us right out in front of Auto Tek. It definitely appeared like the truck was ready to roll. We both commented on how nice it looked sitting right out in front of the shop. We stopped to look at the truck before we went inside to see the guys. Here are a few pictures of the truck and how it looked on this nice warm sunny day!

Right away I noticed that John had the windshield wipers installed. They looked very nice. With the windshield wiper motor I had with me from American Classic Truck Parts, I knew that John was going to be able to get the wipers working shortly.

Here are a few pictures of me that Sabrina took before we went and checked in with the Auto Tek gang.

After Sabrina got her pictures taken we went in and saw John, Steve, Tom and the gang. Just as over the past few Saturdays, the whole crew was busy. John said they were trying to get as many cars ready for the Labor Day Car Cruise show as possible.

We gave John some parts from the past week, including the windshield wiper motor and black window wiper knob, along with some decals we have received from several parts houses. During this past week, we have received decals from Chevy Duty Truck Parts located in Kansas City, MO., Classic Chevrolet Parts located in Oklahoma City, OK., and Classic Industries located in Huntington Beach, CA.

We ordered decals from the vender we felt offered the best specific decal that we believe is the closest reproduction a decal we needed for our truck. Some vendors had very good offerings of one decal, but not another. This also allowed us to try some other vendors we haven't yet done business with. We were aware of these additional vendors because either they enjoy a good reputation or they had an internet presence that caught our attention and displayed a good depiction of a particular decal we were searching for.

We also gave John a box containing a little surprise for him. It was a OEM vacuum-powered windshield washer jar complete with a bracket. We received the item after winning it in a bid during the past week from eBay. The unit was sent to us from a nice gentleman from Seward, Nebraska.

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