Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
On the Rack - May 28, 2005

The end of May is near and the beginning of summer is just around the corner. On this nice warm spring Saturday morning, Sabrina and I loaded up the Expedition with almost all of the remaining parts in our garage waiting to be installed on our truck. After we got the parts boxes loaded, we headed over to The Truck and Car Shop to pickup some additional parts before driving over to Auto Tek.

We arrived at Auto Tek and as we pulled into the driveway we spotted our truck up on the rack. John was working on the wiring harness. Tom greeted us right away and helped us unload our stash of parts. We then quickly headed over to greet John and he showd the progress on our truck since our last visit. First, John showed us the undercarriage of the truck. Here are a few pictures of the truck's undercarriage:

As you can tell in the pictures above and below, the wiring harness is strung from the engine compartment and down the frame to the rear of the truck. Shortly, it will get secured with clips all along the way after most of the connections are made. In addition to the wiring, the transmission and drive shaft have received their final coat of cast iron gray paint and are now installed. That finishes off the last of the installation of most of the major parts in the drive train. Below, are a few more shots of the undercarriage.

After we reviewed the work competed beneath the truck, John lowered the rack so we could see the work completed in the interior and the progress also made in the engine compartment area. The pictures below show how nice the interior is starting to look.

As you can see in the pictures above, the gauge cluster is installed. The cluster sure sets off the dash. It really complements the whole interior. You can see the window regulators are also installed along with the door handles and window cranks. The ignition switch, headlight switch and throttle are installed as well. The glove box is no back intact and is complete with a lock. While that is it so far on the interior, the pictures below indicate the latest work done in the engine compartment.

As the first picture on the left above illustrates, the weather stripping is installed on both cab doors. In the engine compartment, the top right picture above shows that the voltage regulator is installed and the bottom left picture above shows the installation of the battery. In the last picture in the group above on the bottom right, note the radiator hoses are installed and even sport the truck’s original hose clamps.

With the parts we dropped off today, the crew at Auto Tek will be able to install the following items:

When we finished up at Auto Tek we said goodbye to the guys and we drove over to Orange Auto Upholstery and met with Sergio to check on the status of our bench seat and sun visors. Sergio advised us that he had the material in and would get the seat finished and sent over to Auto Tek by next Wednesday.

Next on our parts ordering list is a complete stainless steel exhaust system with muffler, exhaust and tail pipes from Kepich Exhaust located in Ft. Myers, Florida. John Kepich specializes in reproduction classic exhaust systems for many vintage cars and trucks. Antique car enthusiasts across the country know that John is one of only a handful of classic reproduction exhaust system suppliers that provides quality systems for America’s cars and trucks of yesteryear. We look forward to receiving our system from John.

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