Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Primed for Paint - August 14, 2004

This particular Saturday morning started with Chase (our male Alaskan malamute) licking my face to wake me up as it was way past his and Cammie’s (our female malamute) breakfast time. I looked at the clock and realized I had slept in. It was already 9:00 am. I woke up Sabrina and we both jumped out of bed to start the day.

Sabrina fed the dogs while I called Cerny's Auto Painting and talked with Larry. I asked Larry if he was ready for the bumpers I have had put away in my garage for some time. Larry said yes, he was ready for them and to come on down to the shop as he wanted me to see the progress his crew made on the truck. I told him I would be down in just a little bit after I loaded up the Expedition with the bumpers and ran a few errands.

I headed out to the garage and loaded up the bumpers into the Expedition, grabbed the camera and headed out the door. After completing all of the errands I had to do, I drove over to Cerny's to checkout my truck. When I arrived at Cerny's I met Joe, the shop manager. He advised me that they had made lots of progress on my truck and to bring in the camera, as this was most likely my last chance to see primer on the most of the body parts.

While I went to get the camera from the Expedition, Joe asked to of his crewmembers to assist me with unloading the bumpers. They came out with me and took the bumpers into the shop. Joe took me over to the cab of the truck and showed me the finishing touches they had made to the primer coat. They used yellow primer to serve as a good base under the Tartan Turquoise paint that will soon be applied. While the cab needs a little more work, overall it looked very nice. Joe then pointed to each of the various body parts primed and ready for paint. They too, also looked very nice.

Larry joined us after finishing up with another customer. Larry told me that he was hoping to get color applied to some of the parts by the end of next week. They expected some of the paint they needed for my truck to be delivered later today. Joe asked if I could go to The Truck and Car Shop and pick up a front bed panel as mine was bowed and needed to be replaced. I said sure, and snapped the pictures below before heading out to make my parts run. There is also a picture of the front bed panel I bought as well.

I left Cerny's and headed down the street to The Truck and Car Shop. I parked outside of the shop and noticed the place was very busy. There are many great parts houses that carry classic car and truck parts - I contemplated as I walked inside and took my number slip – however, I am very fortunate to live so close to this one. Their prices are very good and they usually always have what I need in stock. As I waited for my number to be called, I thought about how it must be hard to have to drive a few hundred miles to a parts house like so many folks in the rural areas of our country do – only to find out they are out of the particular part you are in need of. That must make for a long ride back home. Yes, I thought, living in Southern California is pretty cool!

Before I knew it, the counter main called my number and came over to help me as I raised my hand. “What do you need today?” He inquired. “I have a simple order today,” I told him. “I Just need a front bed panel for a 1959 Chevy step side today.” “That’s an easy one,” he said. Off he went and in just a few moments he was back with a box. “Here you go he said.” “If that is all, that will be $72 dollars plus tax.” I paid him, told him I would see him next week, took the box and headed out the door. All in about 15 minutes. In just that short time, I was in possession of a new front bed panel for a 45 year old truck! Oh, I thought - life is good, real good!

I loaded the box into the back of the Expedition and headed back up the street to Cerny’s. When I walked back into the shop with the box, Larry greeted me and took the box so one of the crewmembers could get started on prepping it. Larry then asked me to come over to the cab to go over the paint scheme one more time as they were just about ready for paint and he wants to make sure he is clear on the particular scheme of colors.

We reviewed the colors that will be used. Tartan Turquoise will be used for most of the exterior body surfaces. Bombay Ivory will be used for some of the exterior trim. Comanche Gold Metallic a silver-beige color will be used for most of the interior body surfaces. Charcoal Gray will be used on the top of the dash, the steering column, steering wheel, on the floor and on both door well steps. Larry advised me that thought he had modern color codes for all of those colors. At this point, the plan calls for all of the colors to be done in single stage paint.

With the colors confirmed I said goodbye to Larry and Joe and headed out the door. I decided to drive by Auto Tek Just to check in, although I was sure not much would be done as they are waiting for the wheels to return from The Wheel Smith and the parts for the engine.

When I arrived at Auto Tek I met with John and Tom. John gave me a quick run down on the status of the engine. The block was sent out to be honed. The crankshaft had returned and it looked great. Tom shared with me how his trip to the river went last week. He said he had a lot of fun with his family even though the temperature was 122 degrees. He also said he and his kids spent a lot of time “in the water”. At 122 degrees, I can’t say as I don’t blame him!

With that, I said goodbye to Tom and John and headed home to continue a nice summer day weekend with my family. If all goes to plan, possibly next week, I will be able to share pictures of some of the body parts in Tartan Turquoise and maybe even a picture of a classic stovebolt block all cleaned up and ready for continued service. There might even be a shot or two of some rims and tires!

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