Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
It's Pointless - June 18, 2005

With spring in full swing, Sabrina and I spent some time out in our front yard planting some flowers and plants to add more color to our landscaping. We needed to buy a replacement bulb for one of our landscape lights and there just happens to be a landscape lighting supplier adjacent to Auto Tek, causing us to make a quick detour before checking in with the guys to see the latest work done on our truck.

The folks at the lighting shop were great. They helped us with our purchase and had everything we needed to get our landscape lights back in shape. With that task out of the way, we went over to Auto Tek and met with Tom, John and Steve. John right away showed us his latest work. He finished painting the oil bath air cleaner and it is now proudly perched back on the carburetor it has rested on for 46 years. The distributor is reinstalled and the rotor cap and plug wires are also all in place as well. Notice the cloth conduit John used for the coil wires. I thought that was a nice touch. John placed the electronic ignition module behind the coal. While it is visible, it is placed in a logical place and looks good. Here are a few pictures of John and Steve’s latest work:

Given the fact that we were able to use our original distributor with a stock replacement rotor cap, OEM plug wires and a canister-style coil, this electronic ignition upgrade is pretty “classy” in my opinion even if it isn’t 100% original. While I am not one for cross mixing manufacturer’s parts, in this case, Steve’s decision to use this first-generation Chrysler electronic ignition technology really turned out a nice installation. It allowed us to meet our objective of performing the ignition upgrade in as non-conspicuous manner as possible, yet still let us utilize a system that is known for its reliability and vast availability of replacement component parts.

John also installed the front grill to give us an idea of how it will look. It needs to be removed once more to allow Cerny's Auto Painting to paint the front panel behind the grill Bombay Ivory to create the white ring that circles the grill. Larry Cerny’s crew will take care of that little detail when they do their final touch ups on the truck just before we take final delivery of it.

Larry painted the C-H-E-V-R-O-L-E-T lettering on the grill in black after he painted the grill Bombay Ivory to match the rest of the front-end trim. It took a bit of time and patience to tape each of those letters up before and we truly appreciate Larry’s extra effort on this small detail.

Our exhaust system is expected to arrive from Ft. Meyers on next Thursday. If it does, there is a good chance we will fire up this old Stovebolt for the first time in 26 years next Saturday. With that, we said goodbye to the guys and continued on with our weekend.

To check out the next report on firing up the engine for the first time in 26 years, the exhaust system installation and our OEM style maintenance-free battery click on the "Next" button below.





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