Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Parts is Parts - April 3, 2004

The next Saturday, April 3, 2004, (can you see a trend developing here?) Sabrina and I visited Auto Tek to see the progress on the truck. As we discussed during our last meeting with Tom and John at Auto Tek, they started working on removing the bed and cab from the frame of the truck. When we arrived at their shop, Tom and John already had the bed and cab removed from the frame.

This is the point in a restoration project where one realizes that these grand machines truly are just a bucket of nuts and bolts and a whole lot of other "little" parts. While the pictures farther down this page show the bigger parts, a few feet away - over in a pile - sits the rest of my old truck. The pictures right below give you a good idea of the status of the "rest" of my truck!

The pictures below show the work so far. As you can tell in some of the pictures, the body and frame are really in good shape. There is very little rust except for what was mentioned on the top of the fenders and cab. Additionally, John at Auto Tek noted some rust at the bottom of both cab doors. This is a common problem with these task force trucks as the water drips down from around the window opening at the top of the door into the door cavity and pools on the bottom of the door inside the cavity. Over the years, most of these trucks have some rust due to this phenomenon. Sabrina took these nice pictures.

The next step in the restoration project will be for John and company at Auto Tek to finish stripping the frame. This work includes removing the brake lines to the rear axel, the wiring for the rear taillights and other such items. After the frame is ready, it will be sent out to be powder coated. While that is being done, the truck bed and cab body will be sent over to Cerny's Auto Painting for initial sanding and prepping for paint.

Next weekend Tom at Auto Tek is headed out to the Colorado River so we are not to sure how much work will be performed on "our truck" between now and next weekend as we learned he has another special project to tend to before his trip. ;-) However, in the upcoming week the frame should be sent out and so should the truck bed and cab body. Hopefully, we will be able to provide a report on the progress made on the engine and transmission. In the meantime, thatís it for this report.





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