Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Out of the Blue - April 24, 2004

A couple of Saturdays went by since we last had anything to report. On Saturday, April 24, Sabrina, her mother (Peg.) and I visited Cerny's Auto Painting to check out the progress they made on the cab of the truck. We met with the owner, Larry Cerny and he gave us a quick walk through the shop to the area where the truck was being worked on. We were very impressed with the work we saw being done at the shop on alot of very nice cars. When we arrived at the bench that had the truck cab perched on it I couldn't believe my eyes. They had done so much work since the last time I saw the truck. They were addressing the tiniest flaws and specks of rust.

Larry showed us where they had cut in new metal skins on the bottoms of each door and fixed some areas of rust on the back side of the cab. As you can see in the pictures below, the work is of very high quality. It is very apparent they take pride in their work. Larry also pointed out how they decided to address the few areas of rust on the floor pans. Both Tom at Auto Tek and Larry agreed that instead of cutting the floor pan, they would take a stab at doing some trick welding. This was because the area is ribbed and part of a main structure point of the cab. I was very happy with how it turned out and am very glad they took this approach. The next step they plan on doing is aligning both doors and making sure they have a good fit and open and shut ok.

Along with the cab, they also did some work on one of the fenders. The other fender and hood will be next. Pictues of those parts are below. After that is all done, they will have the truck bed box brought over from Auto Tek and start working on that next.

One of the last items we reviewed with Larry before leaving Cerny's was to double check on the original color of the truck. Larry confirmed that he was able to read the exterior paint code on the plate in the truck. The original code is 710A which indicates the truck was originally painted Tartan Turquoise at the factory. We reviewed the Bombay Ivory color for the trim and the beige and charcoal colors used in the interior of the cab. With that out of the way, we let Larry get back to his business and we headed over to Auto Tek for a follow up with Tom and John.

We drove around the corner to Auto Tek and met with John and Tom. We reported on the progress Cerny's had made and let them both know we were very happy with the job Cerny's is doing. Tom let me know the frame is over at Orange County Plating Co. also in Orange, CA getting its new Satin Black powder coat finish applied. We also talked about the bed wood. Auto Tek will have the bed wood stained and then finished with a clear weather resistant urethane exterior varnish along with doing the same to the wood being utilized to build the side stake assemblies so both will match.

Just before we finished up, John gave me a list of parts he needed. So, I made a quick trip over to The Truck and Car Shop also in Orange, CA just a few blocks away and picked up the following items: Chrome exterior door handles, Chrome interior door handles, window cranks with black knobs, Interior firewall pad, rubber floor mat and a sound insulation pad for underneath the mat. Also, he had me get him some brakeline clips and a few other small items. I was glad that The Truck Shop had all of the items in stock, and it was fun making the parts run for John. I delivered the parts back to Auto Tek and was off to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

I have one last item to report for this update. Earlier in the day, I received a package from a really great guy in Vacaville, CA. Inside the box, was the nicest set of California commercial black on gold license plates I have ever seen. These plates are NOS (New Original Stock) plates guaranteed to be approved for use by the California DMV. They have never been issued and still were in the original DMV envelope and came with the correct 1959 YOM (Year of Manufacture) sticker needed for approval by the DMV. Below, is a picture of a couple of commercial plates from Dave's Web site along with a 1959 YOM sticker like the ones I received. If you are looking for a hard to find set of vintage Californa license plates, then check out Dave's California License Plates Web site. Dave Hindman has one of the best collections of vintage license plates for sale anywhere in California. I am very happy with my plates and I am sure glad I was referred to him. I can't wait till its time to ditch the old blue and gold plates and put these great looking gold on black plates on the truck! And yes, I am a Neil Young fan, in case you were wondering. . .

Well, that's it for this report. Click on the next botton below to see how the frame came out from the powder coaters.





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