Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Motor Mounts - April 2, 2005

April has arrived and it is apparent that spring is very near. After a nice morning at home playing with Cammie and Chase our Alaskan Malamutes, Sabrina, Peg (my mother-in-law) and I headed out for the day. Our first stop, as is usually the case on Saturdays, was over to Auto Tek to check out the progress on our pickup.

As soon as we pulled into Auto Tekís driveway, we all commented that the truck was back out of the bay and parked back on the line. However, we all quickly turned our attention to the plastic cover bulging from the front cross member. Immediately we all knew it was covering a gem of a Stovebolt!

Tom, Steve and John were all standing around looking at a very clean 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback that belonged to one of their regular customers. In fact, John told us this customer has two of them. Tom took us over to the truck and pulled back the plastic cover to reveal a shinny rebuilt I-6 that is ready to once again provide years and years of faithful and reliable service. The engine looked very stout with its new motor mounts supporting it in its old familiar resting place where it has been positioned for over 46 years.

The original gray paint color sure gave the 235 cubic inch engine an industrial look. This perticular shade of gray is the actual orignial gray color this engine was painted at the factory. The paint was supplied by Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts in Independence, MO. Many other suppliers offer a lighter gray color, but it is my opinion that this perticular darker gray color is the correct original color. When the satin black components are installed onto the block, this engine will look awesome. Here are some pictures that Sabrina took of it mounted back on the frame.

Steve showed us the progress he made on the valve cover. I couldnít believe my eyes. He welded the crack, plugged the old smog device hole with some scrap metal, applied a thin coat of filler on the top of the cover and had a coat of primer on it already. It looked so much better then I expected it would. Since I hadnít found a valve cover yet, I was very pleased to say the least. I joked with Steve that I didnít know he was a body man too. He replied, ďI am when I have to be!Ē

After Sabrina and I oogled over the valve cover, Steve advised us that he had sent the exhaust manifold over to to Embee Performance Coatings in Santa Ana, CA. Embee was referred to me by Nathan Hall, a list member on several of the internet oletruck list groups. Nate a professional mechanic, lives here locally in southern California and regularly does business with Embee. He speaks very highly of their work. Nate is the proud owner of a nice old Chevy truck too. You can check out his very clean truck at The Stovebolt Page by clicking here: Nateís 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Advanced Design Pickup.

Our plan is to have the exhaust manifold coated with Embee's cast iron gray exhaust coating that they guarantee will not blue, stain or rust. The color should look close to the original look of the manifold. The intake manifold will be painted the same color gray as the rest of the engine. The satin black oil filter canister and the unfinished color of the carburetor should result in a nice contrast.

Tom also let us know he ordered the wiring harness from M & H Electric Fabricators. Located in nearby Santa Fe Springs, CA, they manufacture a complete line of exact reproduction wiring harnesses, battery cables and switches for classic GM and Chrysler muscle cars.

So next on their list will be to get the rest of the engine components bolted on the block and start reassembling the front body parts. Some of the items that will shortly be considered will be auto glass, rubber seals, gas tank installation and installing the wiring harness. That mostly likely will take us through spring. But, in the meantime, at least those motor mounts I bought some time back are finally doing their job. I sure was happy to see that!

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