Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Making the Bed - November 06, 2004

Fall has hit southern California. The day started off with a cool brisk breeze and storm clouds on the horizon. I poured a cup off coffee for the road, loaded up the Expedition with some parts and headed over to Cerny's Auto Painting to see the latest work on our truck.

When I arrived at Cerny's, John Risdon the wood smith that created my bed wood and side stake assemblies was finishing up bolting the bed strips for a final check. Larry came over and greeted me. Larry took a quick picture of John and I standing in front of the back of the pickup truck bed with the shinny new craftsmanship of Johnís in the background. I sure was impressed with his work. The bed looks great, as do the side stake assemblies. John refers to them as advertising signboards. The next step is to drill holes for the carriage bolts to bolt the sideboards to the stakes and than Larry will be ready to mount the bed fenders.

Here are a few pictures of the wood work thus far:

Now that Larry is close to starting on reassembling the back fenders, rear bumper and some of the interior parts we discussed what additional parts he would need to do the work. After we reviewed the parts list, I said goodbye to John and thanked him again for all of his excellent work and told Larry I would see him later in the afternoon.

Before going to get the parts, I stopped by Auto Tek to check in with the guys. Tom was out on a parts run, Steve was busy working on a Pontiac Firebird and John was working on a 1965 Chevy pickup. John stopped what he was doing and came over and greeted me. He let me know that they had all of the parts for the engine, but that Steve noticed a small rust hole next to a water jacket in the number two-cylinder wall. So, they sent the block out for a sleeve and plan on Monday to go pick it up and have Steve start the rebuild.

I asked John to dig out the interior vent covers, as Larry at Cerny's is ready for them. John went to the parts pile and picked them out for me. He looked them over and decided they needed a trip to the bead machine before they head to Cerny's. John said he would clean them up and take them over to Larry on Monday. I asked John if they needed any parts as I was on my way to the parts house. He said they were good for this week. With that we said so long to each other and he returned to the spaghetti truck wiring he was dealing with and I resumed my parts run.

When I arrived at The Truck and Car Shop the place was crowded. I took my number and headed for the last open stool. There were a slew of new counter people this morning in addition to the regulars. I am not sure if it is just the time of day or what but it usually isnít quite this busy. However, it wasnít long at all before one of the counter guys was ready for me. I asked for a catalog, as I didnít have mine with me. He gave one to me and we quickly got to work!

The list included a pair of tail light assemblies, right and left rear tail light brackets, a rear license plate bracket with a light, a front license plate bracket, a dome light, black sun visors with brackets, two side cowl air vent gaskets and last but not least bumper bolts for both the front and rear bumpers. Below are pictures of many of the neat parts on our list today.

I paid for the parts said goodbye to the counterman and I headed back over to Cerny's. After I dropped off the parts, I drove over to Orange Auto Upholstery to double check the color match of the bench seat to the actual painted interior colors. Sergio met with me and we reviewed the colors we previously picked out. While the Graphite still matched very nice with the Charcoal, the Buff trim color was definitely to light. We elected to go with a darker color listed as Papyrus. It is a beige color with a hint of green gray in it. It looks great next to the freshly painted Comanche Gold radio delete plate I used as a color sample of the interior silver beige color. Sergio and I redid the paperwork and we will now have a color coordinated bench seat to match the rest of the interior.

With that my regular Saturday afternoon truck related ritual came to an end and I headed home to pick up Sabrina and Peg as we all were meeting my father and stepmother for dinner. As I drove home, I reflected back to how nice I thought the truck was coming along. All of the project team members have done such nice work. The other thing I thought about was how much pride each of them takes in the work that they do. It is very noticeable.

While I am getting very anxious to get this project completed, the journey getting there has been a blast. I have enjoyed meeting all of the great folks I have met so far. I look forward to the many more I will meet that also share my love for classic automotive machines such as the one being carefully restored for our enjoyment. Yes, itís been a blast indeed!

Check out the how the rear fenders and bumper look mounted. Just click on the Next link below.





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