Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
On the Lookout - July 24, 2004

Another Saturday morning arrived before I knew it. It is July 24th and this weekend Sabrina and I plan to take some time and just chill out at home. However, as you might have anticipated, before I could get to the point of just kicking back, I had to make my weekly visit to check on the progress of the truck. So, while Sabrina still was sleeping, I got up and loaded up the Expedition with some parts that had arrived in the past week and headed out the door.

I first went over to The Truck and Car Shop to buy screws to secure the instrument gauge cluster into the dash. After my quick parts run, I headed over to Cerny's Auto Painting to check on the progress of the bodywork. When I arrived at Cerny's I met Larry and Joe. Joe is the shop manager and he gave me a quick report on the progress of the truck bodywork. The cab received a light coat of primer and the hood and both fenders are just about ready for primer as well. Joe told me that if all goes to plan, they should be ready to start applying primer to the remaining parts of the truck next week. Below, are some pictures of the truck cab and other parts almost ready for primer.

I then said goodbye to Larry and Joe left Cerny's and drove over to Auto Tek. When I arrived, I met with John. I told John I had some parts for him and I unloaded the Expedition. Earlier during the week, I had received quite a few packages from all around the country. Below, are pictures of the two items I gave to John.

The instrument gauge cluster was one of the items I have been on the lookout for on eBay. I found the one above from a guy named Brian who lives Manteca, CA. He regularly sells them on eBay and I have participated in several of his auctions before becoming the successful bidder and wining this one. Brian completely goes through his gauge clusters and carefully restores them to pristine condition. I was very pleased with the gauge cluster when it arrived earlier in the week.

Also pictured is a spare tire that arrived via FedEx during this week as well. After two attempts, I finally was able to take delivery on this item from Wal-Mart.com. I looked high and low for a inexpensive spare tire that was approximately the same height as the four Diamond Back P235/75/R15 tires I purchased from Whitewall Candy Store. The tire I got from Wal-Mart.com was very close and only cost $40 (including shipping).

John from Auto Tek was impressed with the instrument gauge cluster. He let me know the engine is coming along nice and in the next few weeks it should be ready for mounting on to the frame. After I gave him the parts, I said goodbye and let him get back to work.

During the past week, I also received a used spare tire jack with a floor bracket that I won in an auction on eBay from a gentleman located in American Fork, Utah. These too, were items I have been hunting for on eBay for quite some time. This is the reason I bought the jack stowage decal last week. In a few weeks, I will take them over to Auto Tek so John can clean them up in the sand blaster and paint them black.

While most of the rest of the parts I might need will not be something I will try and find on eBay I have to say that the service has assisted me in locating many hard to find parts. Even though I most likely will purchase the rest of the parts we need from the classic truck parts houses or from local auto parts stores, I will still keep a "lookout" for interesting items offered on eBay that will help with the finishing touches of restoring this great old truck!

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