Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
John's Progress - May 14, 2005

After a quick trip to the barber shop, I headed over to visit the guys at Auto Tek and check out the progress on our truck. The truck was once again parked out on the line as Auto Tek was again packed with a ton of cars waiting for restorations, repairs and routine maintenance. Many of the old cars and trucks in their parking lot are previous restoration projects competed by Auto Tek and today they were back for a preventative maintenance service.

John interrupted the brake job he was doing on a clean 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle to come over and review the work done on our truck since my last report. As you can see in the pictures below, John has made quite a lot of progress on our pickup. The whole front-end is now back together. Take a look at Johnís expert craftsmanship below:

After over a year performing his skilled talents on our truck, John finally agreed to take a picture with it for our web site. As you can see in the pictures above, John has spent many hours making sure this project is done right. The inner fender panels that incase the engine compartment are installed along with the exterior fenders and front grill assembly. Also, this past week, Addison Auto Glass located in Orange, CA installed our windshield and rear window glass. Below, you can see the rest of the progress John has made on reassembling the truckís front body panels and our brand new windshield.

Note the front bumper and license plate bracket are also installed as well as the front windshield. Although it is not clearly depicted in the pictures above, the rear window glass has also been installed. In addition, the radiator with the correct 7 lb. cap has been re-installed as well. As you can see in the pictures above, The inner fender panels and upper grill filler panel assembly have been painted the in correct satin black finish - while the firewall received the stock body color finish of Tartan Turquoise. The lower front grill filler panel and the front grill assembly were also finished with the stock body color. The front bumper was painted in the stock Bombay Ivory color finish that is also donned on the rear bumper, front grill, headlight covers and hubcaps. Cerny's Auto Painting did a fantastic job of maintaining the attention to detail that this type of restoration project requires.

John also reinstalled some additional engine compartment components since our last report. As the above pictures depict, the AC-Delco bypass oil filter assembly has been refurbished and reinstalled. We are still researching the correct colors for this assembly. Currently, the assembly filter housing is painted Chevy Engine Blue and the filter top is painted Chevy Engine Orange. We have been told by some on the various internet lists that these assemblies were painted all black in 1959 on light-duty trucks. Others, (including Bob Alder owner of Alder's Antique Autos, Inc. of Stephentown, New York) assert the correct color scheme is a Chevy Engine Blue housing with a black top. Most all agree however, that on passenger cars in 1959, the colors we have chosen are correct. As soon as we obtain some authoritative conformation on the correct color of this assembly for 1959 light-duty trucks, we will make the required changes to the color scheme of our oil filter assembly to meet authenticity. In the meantime, our truck will continue to don three of the colors used by Chevrolet for the color of its engines during this era - Gray, Orange and Blue.

Meanwhile, as John worked away on the processes described above, Steve, Auto Tekís engine rebuild technician tore down the carburetor that was installed on our truck back in 1978. It was in amazingly great condition. As the pictures above illustrate, there is some rust, but it certainly is in good enough condition to be rebuilt. Steve will finish rebuilding the carb within the upcoming week. Steveís next endeavor will be to develop a game plan to prepare our stock distributor for conversion from itís condenser and points to electronic ignition. Steve is debating on doing the conversion himself or sending it out to a specialty shop. We hope to bring you a detailed update on this task in our next report.

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