Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup

Welcome to my web site dedicated to a very special possession of mine a 1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 long-bed step-side pickup truck. First off, I must take this time to thank my wife Sabrina for being so supportive of my desire to restore this old truck of mine. Without her loving support, this project would never occur. Now, here is a short history of the truck. This truck was built at the Los Angeles General Motors/Chevrolet plant in Van Nuys and has remained a California truck all of these years.

Truck in 1979
This is a picture of the truck parked in front of our house in Rowland Heights, California back in 1978. The truck was my daily driver back then and it was running just fine.
Transport Day in 1979
Here is a picture of me at age 18 getting ready to transport my truck from our house to my father's house in Covina, California in 1979.

The above two pictures are the only pictures I have of it before I parked it back in 1979. In 1976, at 15 years of age, I bought this very cool truck and I am the third owner. Actually, I bought it from a high school friend of mine who received it as a gift from his father who used it in his plumbing business. My friend decided he wanted a car instead, so he sold it to me for $500.00. Having just received my learner's permit, I was very excited to have it.

The original plan was for me to drive my brother's 1963 Ford Thunderbird that he gave to me for when I turned 16. However, because it was in need of many repairs, I decided to drive this cool old pickup instead - just as my father and grandfather had always drove. Now mind you, this was nothing like either one of their trucks. My father drove a 1961 Ford Econoline pickup that he still has today and my grandfather drove both a 1953 Studebaker pickup and a 1941 Willys wagon. Nevertheless, this great old truck was alot closer to the vechicles they drove then the land yacht my brother had waiting for me.

After a couple of years of driving my cool old Chevy pickup, I decided to take it over to my dad's place because it started to develop a rod knock and I didn't have the money at the time to fix it. A year after I bought the truck, I had also bought a 1963 Chevy Nova SS with a 283 V-8, 4-speed transmission and a posi-traction rear end. Needless to say, the Nova provided a much different driving experience. Since I always planned on restoring the truck and my dad had the space to keep it, I decided to park it at his place until I had the time and money to do this truck justice.

The truck has been sitting in a horse corral at his place ever since that day in 1979 faithfully waiting for me to come and fix it up. After 27 years, it is time to start the restoration project to return this wonderful machine back to the great work truck it once was. On a recent day in January of 2004, my wife Sabrina and I went over to my father's house for a visit and to asses the condition of the truck and plan for the tranport of the truck to the repair shop. The next page features an outline of our restoration plan as a result of the events of that day.





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