Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
From the Ground Up - June 5, 2004

It is hard to believe that almost a whole month has been by since my last update. We have had a lot going on. The driveway project turned into a complete makeover of our house and front yard. That is a long story that we will save for another report. I checked in with Larry at Cerny's Auto Painting first thing this morning. He had made a lot of progress since the last time I visited his shop. First, the cab is ready for paint. The hood and both fenders are just about ready for a final coat of primer as well. Next, Cerny's will start working on the bed box. It is still over at Auto Tek and Larry said he was ready to go and get it. We reviewed the color scheme once more to go over details of interior trim color lines and the paint scheme for under the hood.

I advised Larry that I had contacted Bob Alder owner of Alder's Antique Autos, Inc. of Stephentown, NY. Bob is a nationally recognized expert in technical details of the restoration of classic Chevrolet trucks and has an extensive database of modern color codes for classic Chevy truck factory colors. Bob's database includes updated original color codes for exterior, interior, engine and other power train parts. Although Larry Cerny most likely could have obtained these codes either from his in-house computer system or from his DuPont Automotive Finishes representative, I really enjoyed doing the research and finally engaging Bob Alder. When we receive the restoration pack from Bob, I will report more about his findings. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the cab and hood.

Larry also showed me his work on my original wheels. He applied the final coat of primer on them and they were already for paint. We discussed tires and I asked him his opinion of Diamond Back wide whitewall radial tires. He told me that he recommends them to all of his customers looking for wide whitewall tires. We also talked about the correct tire size for my truck. I shared with him that I had met John from the Whitewall Candy Store located in Garden Grove at the last Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet. At the swap meet, I told John that I wanted to go with a taller tire to help reduce the rpms of my engine during the 45-60 mph speed range. I told Larry that John suggested I consider their Diamond Back P235/75/R15 steel belted radials. Larry thought those would work well and look good on my truck. With all of that covered, I said goodbye to Larry and headed over to Auto Tek.

When I arrived at Auto Tek I met with Tom and John. Since it was quite some time since I was there as well, they too, had a lot of things to cover. First, Tom and I discussed the options of power steering and power brakes. We had previously talked about these options, but now it was time to make our final decision, as they are already at that point in the rebuild. Tom advised me he really recommended we go with ABS Power Brake, Inc. in Orange, CA for both items. He had already had a Power Disc Brake kit from ABS on hold for my truck. So I told him to go for it and he called over to ABS and talked to George Majarro. ABS had a steering box in stock for my truck that will allow me to keep my original steering column. Tom advised ABS to put it on hold and he would pick it up.

With those decisions made, John showed me the progress made on my truck. The leaf springs were back from Deaver Spring, Inc. and John was in the middle of installing them when I arrived this morning. He had the rear axle set in place on jack stands beneath the frame awaiting installation. Here are some pictures of the rebuild from the ground up!

After John showed me his progress on the frame, he gave me an updated parts list and I made a quick trip over to The Truck and Car Shop and returned them to John so he could continue installing the leaf springs on the frame.

I let them get back to work and I headed over to ABS Power Brake, Inc. in Orange, CA to take a quick look at the steering box and to meet George Mojarro. When I got there, they were packing up all of their displays for the Pomona Swap Meet. George showed me the steering box he had for my truck. It looked great. He then gave me a quick tour of their shop and showed me his truck he was restoring. It was a 1957 Chevy Apache 3100. It was clean. He also installed both the Power Disc Brake and Power Steering Kits offered by ABS on his truck. I got to see the kits installed and I was impressed. He has a Chevy small block in his truck so I still couldn't a power steering installation for a six cylinder but I was still pleased to see his truck. I told him I would look for him at the show in the morning and let him get back to loading up their trailer.

Finally, I called John at the Whitewall Candy Store to order my tires. John was already in Pomona setting up for the show. So, I told him I would see him at the show in the morning and order my tires then. He agreed and offered to deliver them to Cerny's next week. With that it was time to move from the truck restoration project and go pickup Sabrina to head to Home Depot for a ton of stuff for the home makeover project we have got ourselves into.

That is all for this report. Click on the Next button below to read all about our trip to Brothers Classic Truck Parts in Corona, CA and to read about more progress made in the restoration of this grand old truck!





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