Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Dad's Approval - July 3, 2004

On Saturday July 3rd, I started the holiday weekend early and drove up to my father's house to pickup both my dad and stepmother (Mary) and bring them back to my place to celebrate the holiday weekend. Upon our return to Orange County, we met Sabrina and my mother-in-law (Peg.) for breakfast at the IHOP in Irvine, CA. After breakfast, the women all went to a local fabric store to look for material to cover my stepmother's new dining room chairs with; while dad and I decided we would head in another direction.

Being a holiday weekend, I really didn't think either Auto Tek or Cerny's Auto Paint would be open even though they both assured me they would. We decided that a quick drive by Auto Tek wouldn’t hurt before we went to forage for our holiday dinner at the local Stater Bros. Market. So, we headed across town and drove over to Auto Tek.

When we arrived at Auto Tek, there was Tom all by himself getting ready to close the last bay door. I asked him why he was still there and he said he was just killing time before he was supposed to go pickup his family to begin the long drive to the Colorado River. I introduced Tom to my father and Tom invited us to come on in so my dad could see the progress made on the truck. We walked through all of the nice classic cars being restored and made our way to the last bay where the truck frame was parked. Dad was very impressed. He couldn't get over how great the workmanship was. He complimented Tom on a job well done.

Dad and Tom hit it off right away. They talked about Dad's old cars, Tom's early days growing up in Detroit and my father's experiences at running his barbershops and working at Southern California Rapid Transit District.

Since my last report, John picked up the wheels and tires from Cerny's Auto Painting and mounted the tires to the rims and bolted the rear tires onto the rear hubs. The front wheels wouldn't quite clear the new brake rotors and calipers so they will need to be taken to The Wheel Smith in Santa Ana, CA. The folks at The Wheel Smith will remove the old rims and weld 1/2" wider rims onto the existing six-lug wheels in order to allow for enough clearance for the new rotors and calipers. This will be done on all five wheels for continuity and to preserve a stock appearance.

Here are a couple of pictures of the truck since my last update. Notice the shiny new Tartan Turquoise paint and wide whitewalls - what a nice combination!

As we knew Tom had a long drive ahead of him, we said our goodbyes and let him get back to buttoning down the shop for the long weekend. We then decided to drive by Cerny's Auto Painting just so Dad could see the outside of the place where the bodywork was being done. We were surprised to see that Larry Cerny and his folks were also busy at work. I drove around to the back of the shop and we walked in to the main work area of the shop to find Larry busy mixing colors for a custom paint job. I asked Larry if I could show my Dad the progress made on the truck and Larry gave me the green light. We walked through the crowded shop over to the area where my truck body parts were. Dad was able to see right away the quality work Cerny's had done to the cab and hood of the truck. I also was able to locate one of the truck's fenders and one of the doors for him to take a look at. The truck bed was sent out to Burlington Engineering in Anaheim, CA to be acid dipped in order to address the rust on the inside of the metal curl running down both sides of the bed box.

Dad was also impressed with the quality work the folks at Cerny's Auto Painting had performed on the body parts of the truck. He commented on how it was going to be better then new when they got done with it. He really was pleased with the work they did to the cab. Having remembered what it looked like from the first day it rolled into the horse corral at his place, then over the next 25 years until the day it left his place, he couldn't believe how nice it looked now - even without a finish on it! I also showed my Dad the new tailgate I delivered to Cerny's last Thursday from The Truck and Car Shop in Orange, CA. It was sitting right next to the old tailgate. He could see how the old one was bowed and although both of us didn't want to utilize aftermarket body parts if at all possible, we both agreed with Cerny's conclusion that it was better to replace it rather than try and fix the old one. Considering the all of surface rust that had formed on many areas of the truck, we are lucky that so far - this is the only body part Cerny's has decided to replace instead of repair.

since my last report, the rear step bumper was delivered as well as a spare tire jack mounting plate that bolts to the floor of the inside of the cab. The bumper will wait in our garage along with the front bumper until Cerny's is ready for them. The jack mounting plate will be cleaned up and installed after the truck is just about ready for the interior to be installed. The shocks we ordered from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts in Independence, MO arrived and John painted and installed them last week. I will try and get a closeup shot of them for our next report.

After we checked at all of the parts over at Cerny's, we said goodbye to Larry and headed over to the grocery store for to get all of the fixin's for dinner. When my Dad and I were done with the grocery shopping, we headed back to my house to fire up the grill. We arrived back home just as the girls were pulling into the driveway. Shortly thereafter, some very nice steaks were sizzlin' on the grill and a nice holiday meal was being prepared. But most important, was the quality time spent with my Dad, Mary, Sabrina and Peg. It was really great to get the thumbs up from my Dad on the restoration progress made so far on a grand old truck that both of us sort of got attached to! I am really looking forward to both of us taking a nice cruz in it down Pacific Coast Highway on a cool sunny southern California Sunday morning.

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