Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
In Living Color - August 21, 2004

I couldn’t wait until this morning arrived, as I knew the truck finally had a coat of paint on it for two days and I was so excited to see it. After the usual Saturday morning rituals, Sabrina and I left to go over and see the progress on our truck. I was so happy Sabrina said she wanted to come with me to see the paint on the truck. We drove over to Cerny's Auto Painting and met with both Larry and Joe. They were both in the back of the shop and told us to come on back and see the truck.

When we spotted the truck we both commented on how nice it looked. I couldn’t believe how nice the Tartan Turquoise really looked. I knew I liked the color. I figured it would look good. But, until I actually saw it, I just couldn’t appreciate this remarkable 1950’s color. Its bright, bold and sure is blue - in a greenish-yellow sort of way! The cab of the truck, fenders and many other parts were also painted. They all looked great. Sabrina and I both complemented Larry and Joe on their quality work and told them how really happy we were.

While Sabrina snapped all of the great pictures shown below, I reviewed the status of the paint order with Larry and Joe.

On the previous Thursday, Larry advised me that they were unable to cross-reference the Bombay Ivory exterior trim color or the Comanche Gold Metallic interior color. So, after several follow up phone calls, Joe called me and after reviewing our options, we decided I would order both of those paints from Jim Carter’s Classic Truck Parts in Independence, Mo. So today, I let them know that I was able to order both of the paints and that while they both were on backorder, Jim Carter’s said they should arrive within three weeks. Larry said that would work out perfect.

Joe showed us how they prepped the body surfaces just before they applied the first coat of paint. One of their technicians was working on the doors at the time and Joe reviewed the process. Sabrina took a nice picture of one of the doors getting prepped by that very talented technician shown above. After a lot of apprehension, we also committed to a final scheme on the interior paint colors.

I shared with Larry that I heard from a guy in Arizona by the name of Jim Forbes, that owns two 1959 Chevy Apache pickups and a 1957 Chevy Suburban along with many other Chevy cars and trucks. Both of his 1959 Chevy trucks have original interiors. Jim confirmed for me that the trim color was Charcoal Gray throughout and he also confirmed that black was not used as a trim color anywhere inside the interior on either of his two trucks.

We both were glad to hear this from Jim Forbes as we weren’t clear if black should be for some areas of trim color or on the floor of inside the truck or not. It was comforting to know we now had first-hand confirmation on this issue once and for all. Jim Forbes has authored several “how-to” technical articles for chevytrucks.org and regularly contributes to the old-chevy-truck Yahoo! Groups discussion board that I have monitored every since I started this project. You can check out Jim Forbes’s web site at www.selectric.org/ if you want to take a look at his three old Chevy trucks.

Along with Jim, there are several folks that are regular contributors to that group that brings a wealth of knowledge and provides assistance to fellow old truck enthusiasts every day. If you ever have a question and can’t find an answer, I strongly suggest you go to the group and post your question. Most likely, one of the regulars will have the right answer or at least point you in the right direction.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Forbes for his valuable assistance along with all of the others in the group that have offered me assistance regarding the many questions I have had during this project. Each of them is the best, and I am truly thankful for all of the help they have given me.

With all of the paint issues behind us, Sabrina and I said goodbye to Joe and Larry and drove over to Auto Tek. We met with Tom and Steve. Tom told Sabrina and I that the wheels were sent over to get dipped again to clean up the new rims that The Wheel Smith had welded to the original wheels, and that he was going to have them back by the middle of next week. Steve advised us that they ordered a new cam and that the block should be back from getting honed during the middle of next week as well.

I asked Tom if we were about ready to meet with Orange Auto Upholstery to go over the plan for our bench seat upholstery. Tom said that we were close enough and asked if we were available today to go see Sergio over there. We said yes, and Tom went and called Sergio. Sergio told Tom to have us come on over. So, with that, we said goodbye to Tom and Steve and headed over to see Sergio.

When we arrived at Orange Auto Upholstery, Sergio had his assistant show us the swatches. We decided to go with dark graphite leather for the seat and back of the bench seat and buff leather for insert trim in the middle of the seat and back - and along the top of the back of the bench seat. Vinyl will be used in the same buff color as the trim on the side panels.

We will use the dark graphite color in vinyl to cover both of the sun visors so they will match the seat. We asked Sergio’s assistant if we could bring the bench seat next Saturday. He said that we could, so Sabrina was very happy to hear that news! We thanked them at Orange Auto Upholstery and headed on our way.

It sure was nice to see our truck “In Living Color”! It is all starting to come together real nice. Tomorrow, I am going to go and check out the Brothers Classic Chevy and GMC Truck Parts sixth annual Show and Shine at Feathery Park in Anaheim, CA. If all goes well, next year we will be able to attend the show as an entrant.

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