Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Bricks and Bondo - May 8, 2004

During the Mother's Day weekend, on Saturday May 8, 2004, we had a lot going on. In addition to the regular daily grind and along with checking on the progress of the truck, we had a full crew of workers from Systems Paving installing our new driveway. We realized we had to get the driveway done before the end of summer so we would have a place to park the truck along with each of our daily drivers. This was a project we had planned for the end of the year, but moved it up when we realized the truck would be done long before the driveway would. So, here are a couple of pictures of where our truck will be parked on a regular basis once this job is completed.

After conferring with the Systems Paving folks, I drove over to The Truck and Car Shop and picked up a set of exterior mirrors for the cab doors of the truck and a radio dial lens. I decided to go with the chrome square mirrors - another deviation from a purist original look for two reasons. The original style mirrors were small round painted mirrors that are very hard to see out of. Instead, I went with the larger square ones also used during the same period but were rarely used on this particular model. I also decided to go with the chrome finish because I never thought the painted mirrors looked right with the chrome door handles being so close to the mirrors. I will keep a set of the chrome round mirrors that also fit right onto the same mirror arms used for the square mirrors for use at the car shows. The radio lens will replace the one on the AM radio I bought on eBay.

Next, I drove over to Cerny's Auto Painting to see the progress on the truck. I met Larry out in front of the shop inspecting a whole line of cars ready for customer delivery and some that were headed to a local car show. All of the cars looked awesome. Larry quickly finished up his final touches on one of the cars with some wax and took me inside the shop to see my truck. It looked great. They had both fenders on and the hood back in place. Larry told me how his guy was able to perfectly align both of the cab doors and showed me the new hinges installed for the hood. Also, he showed me the work they did on the glove box door. While filler will be applied where needed, Cerny's is very conscientious of their work and are taking great care to properly prepare the metal of the entire truck before applying filler and eventually paint. Pictures of each side of the front of the truck are displayed below.

I thanked Larry for his time and great work and headed around the corner to Auto Tek. I met Tom and gave him the mirror kits. Auto Tek is sort of in a holding pattern right now until Cerny's gets farther along on the bodywork. John from Auto Tek has been busy sorting parts removed from the truck and cataloging reusable parts vs. required replacement parts. That has kept him busy the past few days. In a short while, Auto Tek will start on the engine rebuild and start reassembling the truck from the frame up.

That is all to report for this week. Click on the next arrow below to see the start of the rebuild from the frame up.





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