Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
The Braking Point - June 19, 2004

Since this particular Saturday happened to be the day before Father's day, I had a lot to get done. So, I started my day early and arrived at Auto Tek right at 8:00 am the hour they open up on Saturdays. I found John cleaning his tools and straightening up his toolbox. John called Tom from the back office to meet with John and I to go over the weekly update.

When Tom joined us, I gave them a copy of another picture of the pickup with a wood side stake assembly I wanted to model ours after. Tom noted the particulars and placed the picture in the truck project folder. Tom advised me that he had heard from Larry Cerny that the tires had arrived over at Cerny's Auto Painting and that Larry painted the truck's wheels. Tom told me he was going over to Cerny's later in the day to pickup both the tires and the wheels so they could be mounted and installed.

We also reviewed options regarding the restoration of the truck's instrument gauge cluster. John will clean it up and report back as to what course of action we should take. Also, I advised them that I was the winning bidder in an eBay auction for an original rear stepside bumper. The bumper belonged to a gentleman in Toledo, OH. Below are a couple of pictures of the bumper being shipped from Ohio.

John showed the latest progress on the truck. Unitrax in Anaheim, CA did have a used rear axel to replace the one bad one on the truck. John already had it installed. Also, The rear brake wheel cylinders, pads and drums were installed as well as the front disc brakes. The rest of the front end and steering components have also been installed. We are still waiting for shocks. I ordered both the front and rear sets from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts in Independence, MO and they should arrive sometime next week.

Below, are the pictures of the most recent work.

John, Tom and I also took a look at the truck's original hubcaps. Shortly, John will sand blast them and send them over to Larry at Cerny's to be prepped and painted. We also reviewed what original parts that have not been used that could be disposed of. The only part so far that I have requested to retain is the original generator. I told them to go ahead and get rid of the old Thunderbird bucket seats and the old brake drums. We also took a look at the engine and John told me he would get me the engine and casting numbers after they clean up the motor. I let John know the gray engine paint is on back order and it will be another week or two before it arrives.

There were no parts to order this week, so after we finished looking at the engine and all of John's nice work, I said goodbye to the guys and headed over to the barbershop for a haircut and to get started with the rest of my weekend!

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