Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
The Blue Bonnet - August 28, 2004

Another Saturday morning arrived before I knew it. Like many of our Saturday mornings, Sabrina and I had a lot of errands to run. First on our list was to take our two Alaskan Malamutes (Cammie and Chase - the two pups pictured below) to Orange Villa Veterinary Hospital Boarding and Grooming as they both were in serious need of baths and grooming! After getting the dogs all settled in at the vets and taking care of the rest of the day’s unrelated business items, Sabrina and I came back to the house and headed out to the garage.

Today was a very good day indeed. It was the day that a very large, bulky box that has been a very "very" sour spot around our house was finally headed out the door. We loaded up the box into the Expedition and headed over to Auto Tek. Inside this big box was the 1959 Chevy truck bench seat I bought back in January from a nice guy in South Dakota on eBay. Along with the bench seat, the gentleman also sold me a 1959 Chevy truck front bumper that also was delivered to our house in another big long box. These were the first parts we received (there were many more to come) and their arrival sort of set the stage for what was ahead as far as accumulation of truck-related items in the garage.

When those two items arrived eight months ago, both my wife and mother-in-law (who lives with us) were not quite as pleased to receive them as I was. Almost every Saturday since then, I have heard, “Are you taking those boxes today?” Well, today the answer was yes! The two boxes that contained the bumpers went last week. So, needless to say, a few of the members of my household are much happier indeed.

After loading the bench seat, we headed over to Auto Tek. Steve met us when we arrived. Tom and John were both off getting parts. Steve helped us unload the seat. Steve let us know the wheels were done at Burlington Engineering in Anaheim, CA where they were sent to be acid dipped to strip the old paint. Steve said he thought they would be delivered to Cerny's Auto Painting for painting the first part of next week. He also told us that he thought the engine block was done and that it should be delivered back to his place by the end of next week as well. We then said goodbye to Steve and drove over to Cerny's.

When we walked into the office at Cerny's, a new face we hadn’t seen before greeted Sabrina. His name was Rocky, and he is Larry’s dog. He was visiting his master’s work for the day! Needless to say, that kept Sabrina happy and content while Larry and I talked “truck stuff”. Larry told me he was able to paint most of the parts that would be painted in the Tartan Turquoise color including the hood and doors. After Sabrina was done playing with her newfound friend, Larry took us back to see the progress.

Below are some pictures of all the very nice shinny parts Cerny’s has painted so far:

In between painting the various parts with a first coat, they also have been color sanding and applying additional coats to the cab and other parts that were painted last week. With the additional coats, the Turquoise color deepened and while it still had a distinct blue hue, it started to look just a tad greener then the first time I saw the color on the cab. The color is just really awesome. The Turquoise on the truck’s long massive hood and big round fenders is really going to look great against the Bombay Ivory grill.

It is hard to believe that the factory actually painted work trucks in such a vivacious color way back then. This vibrant factory color in my mind is a pointed indicator that represents the significance of the whole line of Task Force trucks that Chevrolet and GMC produced from 1955-59. Just as the case with cars, the truck market was changing and the days of black and/or green trucks were over.

This particular color sure emphasizes that point. Truck colors tamed down a bit in subsequent years, leaving this color along with a few others during those years to serve as a shinning example of the wide range of the spectrum that paint color for both cars and trucks have developed over the years.

When we were all done looking at all of the nice work Larry and his crew has done on our truck so far, I brought up the issue of the bed wood strips we planned on using. I shared with Larry that after seeing all the nice trucks out at the Brothers Classic Chevy and GMC Truck Parts Sixth Annual Show and Shine last weekend, I decided I wanted to go with the unpolished stainless steel standard bed strips instead of the aluminum hidden hole strips we previously considered.

Larry agreed that while the aluminum strips are very nice and he also likes the look of them, since I am trying to keep an original look to the truck, the standard unpolished stainless steel strips might be a better fit for this project. I told Larry I could get them from Mar-K Quality Parts located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the same place I got the angle strips from. He gave me the green light to go ahead and order them.

With all that covered, we said goodbye to Larry and we headed over to The Truck and Car Shop to get some parts. In particular, we needed to buy a headliner and matching trim, armrests and few other items for the interior. After getting our parts, we returned to Auto Tek to drop off the parts. John was back from his parts run. I gave him the parts and we discussed the next weekend, being that it is the Labor Day weekend and all.

The Labor Day weekend is the weekend of the Orange County Cruisin' Association’s 22nd annual “Great Labor Day Car Cruise” held at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa, CA. Auto Tek participates every year in this very popular event and John will be out there all three days. Tom and John both have asked us to show the truck there after the restoration is complete. So, John wanted to make sure we were coming out to check it out this year. We said we sure were and that we would see him on Saturday. With that, we said goodbye to John and headed off to pick up our dogs from the groomers and enjoy the rest of our weekend.

On another note, the City of Orange, CA. hosts its annual Orange International Street Fair on Labor Day weekend. In its 32nd year, this event is another very popular local Labor Day weekend attraction. The event incorporates the entire six-block area of the Orange downtown historic district. Almost 100 local non-profit organizations set up booths to sell food "fare" from around the world to raise funds for each of their respective charities. Sabrina looks forward to this event every year with much glee and anticipation - as fair food is one of her most favorite food groups! So, we intend to offer support to our local community on Friday night at the opening of the food fair by eating hardy before we head down to the fairgrounds on Saturday to check out all of the cherry cars that will be crusin' around down there.

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