Jim and Sabrina's
1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Stepside Pickup
Some Assembly Required - April 16, 2005

This nice sunny Saturday started out somewhat different from our resent routine of early visits to Auto Tek to check out the progress on our pickup. We didn’t make it over there until almost 3:00 pm, as we got lost in enjoying the wonderful spring-like day.

When we did finally make it over to Auto Tek like the previous week, the truck was still parked back on line. And also like our last visit we could immediately tell more work had been done.

John stopped cleaning up the shop and headed over our way. John reviewed the progress he has made over this past week. He installed the valve cover, starter, oil tube and dipstick, AC-Delco R43 spark plugs, fuel pump, water pump, fan blade, 180 degree thermostat, the exhaust manifold received back from Embee Performance Coatings in Santa Ana, CA., the intake manifold, the generator and the power steering pump. Here is how it all looked:

The engine compartment is starting to look like a working truck again. We were very pleased at how nice the exhaust manifold looked with its Cast Iron color powder coating from Embee Performance Coatings against the gray-painted color of the intake manifold. The contrast was exactly what we were hoping for.

Next on the list for installation is; mounting the bypass AC-Delco oil filter, carburetor, inline glass-bowl fuel filter, radiator, cab windshield, rear window, right and left door windows with the associated hardware and rubber molding as well as re-mounting the front fenders and grill. Shortly, the coil, distributor and battery box will also be installed. Within a few weeks, the truck will once again be whole and its engine will soon be ready to be started. That will be an exiting moment for all of us. Here are more pictures of how it looks right now:

Tom joined John, Sabrina and I and let us know that the wiring harness from M & H Electric Fabricators in Santa Fe Springs, CA has arrived. John commented at how nice the harness was. He felt its quality will assist with a very nice installation as it is custom made for this truck. Tom asked if we were in the mood for a parts run? We cheerfully “replied we sure were” and Tom took us into the office so he could give us his list.

As soon as Tom handed us his parts list, we quickly headed over to The Truck and Car Shop right down the street as they close at 4:00 pm. We got there just before closing and the place was empty. I apologized to the counter person for arriving so close to closing time but said I didn’t expect to make this parts run today. He said “No problem” and proceeded to assist us with our parts order.

We bought the windshield glass, rear window glass, door windows, the corresponding rubber molding and felt and the window regulators for both door windows as well. We also bought new Delco-Remy metal tags for the starter, generator and distributor to replace the old panited-over ones you see in the pictures above. Finally, we also bought some gasoline tank interior protective coating and a valve cover oil breather cap. With our parts in-hand, we drove back over to Auto Tek to give them the parts.

After we dropped off the parts, we said goodbye and headed out to Ontario for a very special spaghetti dinner at Vince’s Spaghetti on Holt Avenue. This is a local landmark that has been making and serving tons of pasta each year to Southern Californians for over 50 years.

With our tummies stuffed with pasta, we headed home and went to bed early as we had another big vintage auto-related day planned for Sunday. It is hard to believe a whole year as already passed, but Sunday will mark the 11th year of the annual Orange Plaza Car Show hosted by the Orange Sunrise Rotary Club. The show will raise money that will help fund YMCA programs and youth education and literacy programs.

It is our favorite car show as it is located right here in our hometown and attracts participant cars and trucks and spectators from all over Orange County. The entire six-block downtown historic district is closed off and the streets are turned over to some of the nicest vintage cars and trucks from around Southern California. The show also hosts bands, crafts, vendors and sponsor booths. As soon as pictures of the show are posted online, we will post a link to them on one of our future updates for those that are interested in seeing some of the nice old automobiles still puttering around the Southland.

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