Jim and Sabrina's 1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Long bed Stepside Pickup
2005 Labor Day Cruise - September 3-5, 2005

The first week of September brought a new chapter in our truck enthusiast story. The time had come for us to experience being entrants in a car show. During the Labor Day holiday weekend, Sabrina and I spent our time at the XXIII Great Labor Day Cruise car show in Costa Mesa, CA at the Orange County fairgrounds.

This particular event was planned as the venue that the truck would make its debut to the automotive hobbyist community in Orange County, CA. The show was a lot of fun and we enjoyed meeting many very nice people all there to enjoy old cars and trucks and to help support the local “Drug Abuse is Life Abuse” campaign. Here are some pictures of the weekend activities:

The pictures above and below are of the truck parked in the winners’ circle. All of the cars and trucks that received the judges’ nod for taking their respective classes were parked in this area for a few hours before the actual awards were given out. It was a very nice treat to walk down the two lines of parked cars and trucks and check out the quality of each of these spectacular vehicles.

After the show’s spectators had a chance to check out each of the cars and trucks in the winners’ circle, the judges asked the drivers to take one last cruise from the viewing area to the stage to receive their awards. Sabrina and I climbed into the truck and fell into our place in line. After a few minutes, it was our turn to drive up to the stage area where I got out to receive our award.

Sabrina and I each decided to take a picture of the award next to our truck to record the occasion. As you can tell from the pictures above, both of us were very excited to receive the judges’ selection for “Mostly Stock Truck”. We then drove back over to the Auto Tek and Cerny's Auto Painting to share the excitement of the recognition with Tom, John and Larry.

Tom and Larry then presented the keys to the truck to me. However, John wasn’t quite up for this – as you can tell from the above picture on the right – he says its because he has a few final touches to do on the truck, Sabrina says its because he really has bonded with the truck. In any event, after the pictures were taken, I gave the keys back so John could trailer the truck back to the shop for his last few checklist items.

Most of all, we had a great time over the weekend cruising in the truck, meeting the scores of people and seeing all of the nice cars and trucks at the show. It was a very fun experience and we are both ready for the next show!

To see pictures of many of the other nice trucks at the show as well as a few cars, click here to see the pictures Sabrina and I took at the show. These pictures are hosted at Yahoo! Photos, so you might have to first select the Labor Day Cruise folder to view the show pictures. Enjoy!





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